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Interview with Julie Blom

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There are very few people on this earth that can relate to the pain and grief that our dearest friends Julie, Sam, and Josh are in the midst of. Thanks for so many of you praying for her and the boys over the past several months.  Last night, Julie took the stage at #Cru17 (our national conference) to share a bit about where she, Sam, and Josh are. This reflects everything I’ve come to know about this family over many years. Scott, Julie and their family have been a great rock in my life (in many ways they have no idea). It’s most certainly the Holy Spirit in them that is behind the awesomeness of who they are. Praising God for how she is leaning into Jesus as much as she can through tears, disbelief, anger, and every stage of grief, and still see the joy set before her.

Your prayers, and the countless prayers of many who know (and don’t know) them have certainly been felt.  On her behalf, thank you.

If you’d like to continue to follow Julie’s journey and pray for her, be encouraged and challenged by her, check out her blog at

jimmyrourkInterview with Julie Blom

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