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September 2017 Prayer Letter

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Students have arrived!

The 2017/18 Academic Year is in full swing!

This past weekend, we had our staff/student leadership retreat south of London. The location was beautiful and a respite from the busyness of the city. We had seven student leaders and an alumni join us. It was refreshing to see so many students at the retreat, interested in seeing the Kingdom come in London.

Among our student leaders pictured above, six countries are represented – definitely the most diverse team of student leaders I’ve ever been a part of! They were such a fun bunch to spend the weekend with and hear what they want to see God do on their campuses. It was a joy to introduce Kelvin (second from the left top row) for the first time ever to s’mores! I think it would be accurate to liken his reaction to a mini-pentecost. You can use your imagination and trust me, that he was excited, and felt he had just bit into mana from heaven. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable moments to watch.

Two gals that are at Kings that Jana and I met for the first time at our retreat are Anne May (far left) and Susan (standing next to Alex). They jumped right in and owned the vision of taking Jesus to their campuses. They are a great addition to our team! It’s an answer to prayer that God would send more students to join the small family at Kings as we start off the new year.

We have our first Wednesday Night Dinner (harkening back the the legacy of The Maze’s and our Friday Night Dinners at The Citadel) tonight! It’ll be a bit different here, but mostly all the same. Food, fun, fellowship, Jesus! Our family will be hosting the event at our flat, but the students will completely lead the evening. We are expecting around 11 students – so be praying that we are able to build new relationships with all the new people that come!

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”
Matthew 25:35

Two of our amazing student leaders at Freshers Fair talking to people about Student Life and inviting them to our kick off dinner tonight. Between the girls, Jana, Alex and myself, we passed out 250 flyers. Thank Jesus with us for our students!







Keeping our support up is difficult from overseas, and we are so thankful for you who faithfully give and pray for us! Our support has decreased to concerning levels, and we need your help to reach out to more people that would partner with us. It is crucial that we are 100% supported. The reality is, when we are not at full support, ministry becomes quite limited. Join us in praying for new financial partners and if you know someone, let us know!





  • Pray for our new student leaders London-wide and our King’s College team. Pray that the Lord forms a cohesive team and vision to take Jesus to their campuses. Our student leaders on King’s are Alex, Anne May, and Suzy.
  • Pray for our dinner tonight! Praise Jesus we are expecting 11+ students!
  • Home Schooling has begun! Elijah and Ethan are 4th graders, Nora is in 2nd grade, Zeke is in starting Kindergarten (but doing some 1st grade work), and Elaina is just cute.
  • Pray for our dearest friend Katrina. She has been struggling with cancer for a while now, and has been put in hospice recently. We go way back to San Antonio, and she was one of my first friends. She was also the one who played match-maker between Jana and me. She loves Jesus, so pray for her to maintain a strong faith in him as she nears the time to see him face to face. Pray for her husband as he continues to walk through this with her and the days to come. We are heartbroken, but thankful that she is in Jesus’ loving arms.
  • Pray for new partners to join our financial team. We are at a point were we may need to pull off campus part-time to focus on support. We prefer not to get to that point, so pray we can connect with people back in the States (and possibly locally) to partner with us financially. We are forever grateful for you all for your partnership in the Gospel!
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