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January / February 2018 :: Prayer Letter

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Second Term

After a such a great term, we’re excited for what’s to come

We definitely left the Autumn term on a high note.  We hit the ground full speed after the holiday ended.  We have an amazing group of leaders (are you tired of me saying that yet?) who really run with reaching out to the students around them.

One of the social outreaches was centered around a Scottish tradition called Burns Night. Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties were on the traditional menu, of course.  Jana and I, and even the kids, have to say that haggis isnt really that bad.  Just don’t ask what’s in it! Not that we would go out of our way to eat it, but Burns Night once a year will be just fine. It was fun sharing a “new” thing together with everyone.

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year with all our students across London having the traditional Chinese HotPot.  I’d say around 20-25 students showed up, with many many new faces! Our students are really on it with inviting their non-Christian friends.  One of our staff members was chatting with a self-proclaimed witch who worships many female deities.  She confessed that what she believes is what makes them real.  He asked her if truth was important to her.  She replied yes.  He then asked, If actual truth were to  be presented before her, would she shape her life around that truth.  Her reply was yes.  She ended her comments with “I have never had this much fun with Christians.” Creating opportunities where non-believers can have these conversations without feeling devalued is a huge part of what we do in London.  This is why we absoutley love inviting people into our home so they can taste and see that the Lord is Good!

Please continue to pray for our student leaders and all the students involved with us to be drawn to Jesus. It is an honor to be sent by you to reach the Nations!  Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel friends!

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”
[Matthew 25:35]

Spain MidYear Conference

Jana made it this year!

Lots of rejoicing was to be had when all seven of us departed London for Malaga, Spain. If you remember last year, Jana was turned away at the airport and she and Elaina headed back to our flat while the rest of us were Malaga bound.  But this year, we all made it!  We had an absolutely amazing time connecting with other Americans serving in various locations throughout Europe as well as some old friends.  Dave Preston and Jim Hocker flew in to chat with us about Valor Global and reaching military students throughout the UK and Europe.  We had some really exciting conversations over the week.  As things develop on that front, we will send out updates.
The kids had an amazing time catching up with all their friends scattered throughout Europe. Particularly Quinn, serving in Sweden, and all the Faulkner kids serving in Portugal. While we were in development meetings and occasionally having some much needed Jimmy-Jana time, the kids were with their friends in MK2MK classes.  MK2MK is Cru’s ministry to staff kids who are serving overseas.  Let me tell you, we are so very thankful for these people.  They point our kids to Jesus and walk them through the amazing and sometimes challenging parts of being an MK (missionary kid). All the leaders have been Missionary Kids or have had MK’s, so they know exactly how to minister to our kids (and us) during this time.
The thing that Jana and I probably struggle the most with is rest.  Spain MidYear is an amazing opportunity that we get to stop, think, and rest. We wouldn’t have that opportunity to take that week without you. Thank you!


Fevers, sore throats, ear aches, and the like are running its round through our family.  Pray for healing.

My grandma took a spill yesterday and fractured her sinus [bone?] and has quite a bit of swelling.  She is only able to take Tylenol for the pain.  Pray the Lord would heal her and relieve her pain.

We have our Fireseeds conference this weekend where students from all over England will converge on London this year.  Pray for students to catch the vision of the Great Commission! Jana is heading up the cooking for 120 people at the conference.  All I can say is pray for her!

Pray for our students who are considering Jesus or who have been coming around quiet often that Jesus will draw their hearts.

Pray for us as we are in the conversations of working with Valor and European leaders on launching Valor Global.

Jimmy is currently in the middle of planning a Spring Break Project that is coming to London.  About 14 American universtiy students from Ohio will be with us for about a week.  Pray for the final details and for Gospel-seeds to be sown and for those of the harvest to be put in our path.

Also, Jimmy is co-leading a Global Aid International Network service project to Lesbos, Greece to serve refugees coming through Turkey.  Pray for the physical and mental preparation and for the students he is taking with him to serve.


A massive thank you to all who gave toward our end-of-year needs.  Combined with our Middle-of-the-Year Ask a few months ago, we slightly exceeded our goals!  Thanks so much for your generosity and care for our family!

jimmyrourkJanuary / February 2018 :: Prayer Letter

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