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July 2017 Prayer Letter

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In our last email for our Middle-of-the-year ask, some links were broken in the email and on our webpage to give.  Please note that these all have been corrected.

Summer’s about over…

As August inches closer, the madness begins!

It’s hard to believe that summer is about over. While the term doesn’t really start until the end of September, the planning, conferences, and the preparations are beginning to ramp up. Our role is quite different from the responsibilities we had when we led The Citadel movement, but still, that anticipation is still in the air.

Because we are starting fresh at King’s College, we have a blank slate in how to approach the strategy for reaching students. Using the word “strategy” sounds a bit too formal for most of us, but I can tell you, Alex, Jana, the kids, and I answer this question simply by asking, “How can I love someone with the love of Jesus today?” Everything will bleed out of that question as we think about taking the gospel to students at King’s.

Pray for Alex and I as we think about Freshers Week, the week when Freshmen descend on campus, and we begin seeking students to get involved with us.  It’s an exciting year to see the Lord do something more than we ever can ask or imagine. Will you pray with us?

The London team and our student leaders across all our campuses will get together mid-Sept to bring us all together in worship, prayer, and thinking about some of the more practical aspects of our movement. This will be a very interesting and different time than in the past because our campus leaders are all men! We are praying for more women leaders in our ministries, but we are so excited to see men step up as leaders to make Jesus’ name known.  Please begin praying for this time and that the Lord will open the flood gates of his Holy Spirit on us and our students.

“Now to Him who is able to do infinitely more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

The Book of Acts…

From trembling to amazement

Back in November-ish, one of our leaders in the Agapé School of Theology asked me to lead a class at the National Conference on the book of Acts. Naturally I said yes, as I love teaching and felt this was one of the reasons God has us in London.

As the idea of teaching through the book of Acts over 10 one hour classes started to sink in, I began to get very worried. I physically was trembling at the prospect and beyond anxious. I met several times with my pastor here, with my mentor when he came to visit, and with my former Pastor, Shawn Maze when on a quick visit to the States. All of these men were very encouraging, but nothing they would say would take that pit away in my stomach.

The lies from the enemy rolled in and all kinds of ridiculous things not worth mentioning. I figured I would just start by watching Louie Giglio’s series on Acts called Powerful.  The second or third session in, he said something to the effect that he could go no where with this series without submitting and trusting in the Holy Spirit. Like a bolt of lightning, it hit me, that I was trusting in my own strength and not in the Holy Spirit (which is massive irony if you know anything about Acts).

I’ve been a Christian since around Summer 1996. You’d think after all these years, the first thing in your heart and mind daily would be to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead you through the day. Certainly when preparing a class on his Word. Good gracious, why didn’t I start there? It’s not really that I didn’t pray before, but still, in a big way, wanted to trust in my own strength. So, God finally brought me to a point to submit and trust him with it, and wow, did he show up!  The journey through Acts over the past couple of weeks has been amazing, challenging, and encouraging.

I’m done with the first draft of my notes for the class and am currently putting together notes for the students (which is really helping me in the revision of my notes). Please pray for me as I finish the preparations for the class and that when it is time to teach, that I will, with all my heart, trust in the Holy Spirit to lead and speak through me. Without his leading and speaking, we are most definitely powerless.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


Praise Jesus for an amazing vacation in Menorca!  It was a wonderful time with sunshine, fun, and rest. You can see the view from our apartment we rented above.

Elaina has turned three!  And she is most certainly exploring and exerting her newfound strong-will in all things 😀 . Pray for her as she is growing into such an amazing and beautiful little girl and that Jana and I will parent her well.  If you missed it, you can watch her birthday song here.

Starting this weekend on Saturday, possibly part of Sunday, and Monday, a representative from MK2MK is coming to hang out with our family to help our kids process being a Missionary Kid. Pray for this time to be enriching for all of us.

Pray for our team and students as we are all beginning to think and plan for the upcoming year.

Pray for us as we have a very busy August with conferences and visitors and semester planning!

We are currently at 97.1% in our support and will eventually receive short paychecks if we do not get back up to 100%.  Please pray for new financial partners to join us on this ride.

Pray for decisions to be made if we will continue in England after next summer. There are a few factors in place that will help decide this eventually. I have a meeting at our National Conference that may help determine the course of quite a few things. As I have learned in Acts, the Holy Spirit is steering this ship, and we are choosing joy in the ride!

Continue to pray for our dear friend, Julie Blom, as she reaches out to local villages with with the gospel, processing through grief and loss, and the next season of life. She was just interviewed at our National Conference in Colorado where you can hear an update directly from her.


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